Affiliate Program Launched!

Finally, we launched our affiliate program today! AJAXWorkspace affiliate program allow everyone to make money online by promoting AJAXWorkspace on-demand online collaboration solutions. You can earn up to $396 (30%) for each customer that signs up through your affiliate link. We provide easy marketing material for you to promote our products.  You will supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you may place anywhere within your website, blog and email. You will earn a commission once user visits and sign up our paid services. You can earn 30% commission of the total sales amount. Furthermore, if the customer continue to use our paid services, you will continue enjoy the commission. This will be an attractive recurring income. Besides, we provide real time reporting and statistic to see how you links are performing.  Please visit our affiliate portal for more info and find out how much you can earn.

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AJAXWorkspace 2009

Welcome back AJAXWorkspace. It has been almost 4 months time AJAXWorkspace didn’t post update to this blog. Please do not get us wrong we are stop our development and research work. Instead, we are engaged during this period to push and improve our product with more comprehensive feature. We never stop our thinking and passionate, and always strive hard to allow you to enjoy the most complete online collaboration and project management service from us.

Just a quick recap what are the most important feature has been accomplished by us during these 4 months back?

  • Task planning – Task planning allows user to view the current project task status. It lists down each task by project milestone, task status, responsible owner and the availability for each resource. Task planning can be viewed by monthly basis or bi-yearly basis. AJAXWorkspace deeply believe this planning overview functionality can help our users in certain level to manage their daily task more efficiently.
  • Document versioning – As promised by AJAXWorkspace, we always listen and response to our world wide user. This functionality already brought to you by AJAXWorkspace, which provide user with more flexibility to management their online document.
  • Document ownership – Document creator can assign the document ownership to either other individual project member or project members. This allows other users to share the same document right and do any necessary amendment if found out the document posted not correct.

AJAXWorkspace already came out a fully development plan in 2009, and yet we are not lack of innovative ideal to proceed further. Let’s stay tune, we promise will let you see why we can make the difference.

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Support Unicode and Task Audit Log

Today, we release our latest version 1.1.5. The new release includes major changes such as UNICODE support and task enhancement. Previously, users can’t save any Unicode character such as Chinese character. From now onwards, users are allowed to do so.   Besides, we also enhanced task’s audit log. User no longer required to put their timestamp when enter any comments. Timestamp will automatically append in the comment. Type of action also recorded according to user’s action. This feature provides maximum reliability on the task comment and action done by its respective users.

On the usability issue, we include the navigation menu to let user access to their page with fewer clicks. Additional filter also added to task, file and document module to ease user when searching a specific records.

We hope these enhancements can improve our services to provide better functionality to our users. More enhancements and new features are coming soon in our next release. Stay tune!

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Paid service launched!

Finally, the much awaited paid service is officially launched on 7-7-2008, to serve you better and faster. After a few months since the launch of our free service, we have been receiving  many requests from users worldwide on the date we are going to launch our paid service.  Now, the worries of not having enough storage or unable to invite more members are all gone with the launch of our paid service, To know more on how you can upgrade to this service or sign up as a new paid service user, please click on the link below :-

Thank you!

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Document Version Control in AjaxWorkspace

AjaxWorkspace always listen and response to our user need. One missing functionality has been brought up by number of users which is document version control.

Why document version control needed? This is useful for maintaining rules and policies whereby old versions of document can be kept for reference and new versions can be created for activation. For sure, only one version can be activated at any one time.

AjaxWorkspace development team already completed the functional design, and the technical design was just started. Very soon, AjaxWorkspace promise to bring this new feature to everyone of you.

Once this functionality completed, user can see additional buttons as below in the document module.

This button will only visible in the [Edit] mode, which user can be save the particular document into another new existing version.

This button will only visible in the [View] mode and only document’s owner is allow to change\activate to other document version.

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Yesterday was a great day!

Yesterday was really a great day for AjaxWorkspace because we have finally hit yet another major milestone after few weeks of hardwork. Our homepage which is has had a brand new look and security level has been implemented on tasks and documents module. So, stick with us as we will assure you more surprises in the future. AjaxWorkspace – We Team Up The World!

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We are at PR4

Thanks to all the supports given by our users worldwide, our homepage is now standing at Page Ranking 4. Hope we can get your continuos support and hope you enjoy using our service.

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